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Indonesian Journal of  Forestry Research (IJFR) was first published as Journal of  Forestry Research (JFR) in November 2004 (ISSN 0216-0919). The last issue of  JFR was Volume 10 Number 2, published in December 2013. The Journal of  Forestry Research has been accredited by the Indonesian Institute of Sciences since 2008 and by the Ministry of  Research, Technology and Higher Education since 2018.  IJFR has also obtained accreditation  “Peringkat 1” or “Rank 1” from the Ministry of  Research and Technology /National Research and Innovation Agency in 2020  (Decree number: 200/M/KPT/2020) which will bevalid until October 2024.  IJFR will be issued in one volume every year, including two issues which will bedelivered every April and October.

Research, Development and Innovation Agency publish this Journal, Ministry of  Environment and Forestry, formerly known as Forestry Research and Development Agency (FORDA), the Ministry of  Forestry Republic of  Indonesia. The publisher's name has been changed due to the amalgamation of the Ministry of Forestry with the Ministry of Environment into the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Republic of Indonesia (Perpres No. 16/2015). Consequently, the Forestry Research and Development Agency was transformed into Research Development and Innovation Agency for Forestry and Environment. The logo of  the ministry was reformed accordingly.

In 2021, Research, Development and Innovation Agency changed into Agency for Standardization of Environment and Forestry Instruments as stipulated in Presidential Regulation No 92 of 2020 and the  Minister of Environment and Forestry Regulation No 15 of 2021. Therefore, the publisher name has been changed to the Agency for Standardization of Environment and Forestry Instruments, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, and take effect starting on Volume 8 Number 2 2021.

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Posted: 2022-08-11

Vol 9, No 2 (2022): Indonesian Journal of Forestry Research

Published online on 31 October 2022

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Author(s): Nusirat A. Sadiku, Christiana M. Micheal
| Statistics: 261 view, 222 download
Author(s): Vivin Silvaliandra Sihombing, Endang Karlina, R. Garsetiasih, Anita Rianti, Reny Sawitri
| Statistics: 207 view, 202 download
Author(s): Fauziah Eddyono, Dudung Darusman, Ujang Sumarwan, Tutut Sunarminto
| Statistics: 200 view, 180 download
Author(s): Adi Santoso, Ignasia M. Sulastiningsih, Rohmah Pari
| Statistics: 206 view, 188 download
Author(s): Afni Zukifli, Fara Merian Sari, Prihati Prihati
| Statistics: 248 view, 177 download
Author(s): Manikandan Gurusamy, Vairamuthu Subramanian, Ramasubbu Raju
| Statistics: 496 view, 221 download
Author(s): Muniyandi Balasubramanian
| Statistics: 223 view, 188 download
Author(s): Sahara Sahara, Wildan Nur Arrasyiid Sane Pratinda, Deden Djaenudin
| Statistics: 226 view, 308 download
Author(s): Rosmaeni Rosmaeni, Daud Malamassam, Hazairin Zubair, Mursyid Mursyid
| Statistics: 202 view, 175 download