Anwar Hadi


Accountability, transparency and public participation in generate environmental quality data play a key role in
the good environmental governance principles, and the environmental quality data can be used for environmental
policy. To obtain valid environmental quality data which are defensible in terms of environmental regulations and
scientific knowledge, repectives the data should have completeness, correctness and conformity to comply with
good environmental sampling practice and good laboratory practice according to ISO/IEC 17025: 2005. Based
on research conducted using check-list and/or surveys for 51 environmental laboratories accredited by National
Accreditation Board showed that all laboratories do not implemented the principles of accountability yet. Beside
that the spread and quantity of the laboratories conducted environmental monitoring are not enough if compared to
industries amounts which shall be monitored. For that reason, technical assistance from, surveillance and evaluation
should be carried-out by independent and competence institution in environmental laboratory. Creating data
base for environmental laboratory competence by authority institution can help public for useful and optimizing
the environmental laboratories. Furthermore, establishing environmental laboratories for shall be facilitated by
authorized institution to give information each others and help solving the environmental laboratory problems


Accountability, environmental policy, environmental laboratory; laboratory accreditation; ISO/IEC 17025

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.20886/jklh.2008.2.1.1-10


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