Budi Setiawan


Dissolved humic acids in groundwater are considered to interact with metal ions such as heavy metals or radionuclides.
In their interaction with existing metal ions in groundwater are predicted to form metal ion-humic complex
binding such as humic acid-metal ion colloids. These complex colloid will migrate through groundwater flow
with similar velocity to disperse the contaminant into environment. For that reason the study of complex formation
between humic acid and metal ions becomes important to be studied. Important parameters affecting metal
ion-humic acid interaction study are pH, ionic strength and metal ion concentrations. Objective of the study is to
understand important parameters to affect the humic acid-metal ions interaction to form complex formation. Apparent
complex formation of humic acid-metal ion is defined as ba = [ML]/[M][R], where [M] and [ML] are free
and bound of metal ion concentrations, and [R] = CRα (CR is total concentration of protonation exchange site and
a degree of dissosiation of humic acid). Obtained results shown that logba of humic acid increased with loga and
decreased with ionic strength, and metal ion concentrations


Metal ions; Humic acid; Radinuclides; Heavy metals

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