Dwindrata B Aviantara, Nida Sopiah


The study of the potential toxicity of five heavy metals: Cd, Cr, Cu, Fe, and Zn on human health of people living
in the Rawadanau Nature Reserve and its vicinity has been accomplished. Among the five studied heavy metals
only cadmium and zinc demonstrated significant correlation of water levels and sediment contents of the heavy
metals. Statistical analysis demonstrated water and sediment concentrations of either cadmium or zinc could be
correlated by r2 = 0.8622 or r2 = 0.8545 respectively. However, based on the suggested threshold value by WHO on
the permissible heavy metals ingested by human body, the water levels of cadmium which was found in the range
of 0.01 – 0.05 mg L-1 posed more deleterious effects to human health than of zinc which was found in the range of
0.02 – 0.18 mg L-1. Considering that the cadmium is a very toxic metal to biota then the exposure levels of people
to the heavy metal must be avoided. This will call for stake holders of Rawadanau Nature Reserve to implement
good environmental management practices in order for sustaining Rawadanau as a water provider for industries
and public of Cilegon and Serang.


Rawadanau; Water Reservoir; Heavy Metals; Potential Toxicity; Chronic Exposure

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