Nenny S Sudarna


The  anatomical   features   of  coconut   stem   at  several  depth   and  heights   were  each  observed.   The  nature  stem  has 22 to 30.5  cm in diameter  and the hard pheripheral  region of the stem  is 4-8 cm in thickness.

The cross section  of  coconut stem  consists  of  four  region. The outer  region of the stem  with  the  thichness of about 0.5 cm is epidermis and the inner region is the pheripheral   region which can be divided into eksopheripheral and endoperipheral regions.   Eksopheripheral region is  0.5-1 cm consists mainly   of  fiber   tissues;  the  endopehripheral    region consists  mainly of  vibrovascular  bundles, about 4-8 cm in thickness. The innest  region is central portion, which  consists mainly  of parenchyma   tissues.

There  is a relation  between   frequency and  diameter of  vibrovascular  bundles  in stem,  where the higher the frequency of vibrovascular bundles (229 bundles/, the smalller  the diameter  of  vascular bundles  (103 bundles micron).

The fiber dimension varies either along or across  the stem as follows: length 1191.6     to  1980.8   microns,  diameter 28.3 to 42.6 microns, wall thickness 5.2 to 13.8  microns. The runkell  ration  varies  from  0.5 to 1.9.


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