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Indonesian Journal of Forestry Research, Vol. 8 No.1, April 2021

  1. The Importance of  The Utilization of Forest Fruits in Batak Toba Community
  2. The Influence of Stand Density and Species Diversity Into Timber Production and Carbon Stock in Community Forest
  3. Rainfall Variability in Gunungsewu Karst Area, Java Island, Indonesia
  4. Stakeholders' Mapping and Strategy for Restoring Peatland Forest in West Tanjung Jabung Jambi, Indonesia
  5. Early Growth of Jabon (Anthocephalus cadamba Miq) in A Drained Peatland of Pelalawan, Riau
  6. Probiotic Candidate Proteolytic Bacillus sp. Collected From Mangrove of Margasari, Lampung
  7. Review Assessment of Biodiversity Loss of Sundarban Forest: Highlights on Causes and Impacts
  8. Anatomical and Physical Characteristics of Cephalostachyum mannii (Gamble) Stapleton – An Endemic Scrambling Bamboo of Northeast India
  9. Work Measurement Study on Motor-Manual Pine Tapping Operation: The Application of The Concept of Lean Manufacturing and Allowances


Indonesian Journal of Forestry Research, Vol. 7 No.2, October 2020


  1. The Growth of Local Tree Species on Post-Coal Mining Areas in East Kalimantan.
  2. Remote Sensing for Urban Tree Canopy Change Detection with Landsat Satellite Data in Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka – Nigeria.
  3. Storage Techniques of Cempaka Wasian (Magnolia tsiampaca (Miq.) Dandy) Seeds.
  4. Chemical and Organoleptic Properties of Bekai (Pycnarrhena tumefacta Miers) Leaves for Flavouring Agent (Bio-Vetsin).
  5. A Comprehensive Inventory and Ecological Assessment of Alien Plant Invasion in Mizoram, India.
  6. The Effectiveness of Glucomannan and Nano Activated-Carbon as Hypercholesterol-Lowering Agents.


Indonesian Journal of Forestry Research, Vol. 7 No.1, April 2020


  1. Imaging Tropical Peatland and Aquifer Potential In South Sumatera using Electrical Resistivity Tomography.
  2. Carbon Loss Affected by Fires on Various Forests and Land Types in South Sumatera.
  3. Comparative Wood Anatomical Properties of Genus Syzygium (Family Myrtaceae) From Manipur, India.
  4. The Drying Performance and Post-Drying Qualities of Eucalyptus Saligna Exposed to Intermittent and Continuous Drying.

  5. Bending Strength of Lignocellulosic Materials in Softening Condition.
  6. Social Capital in Managing Community Plantation Forest: A Case Study at KPH Boalemo, Gorontalo Province.