Sasa Abdurrohim, Didik Achmad Sudika


Most of the Indonesian wood species exhibit a wide differences in treatability. This may reduce effectiveness in loading several wood species simultaneously. This study investigated treatability of 41   wood  species   through  full-cell   process   using  CCB  (copper-chrome-boron)  preservatives.

Representative wood samples, measuring 5 cm wide, 5 cm thick and I 00 cm long were preparedfrom each species and then remain to reach the air-dry condition.  Pressures imposed during the process were consisted of initial and final vacuum al 500 mm Hg for  15 minutes, and a hydraulicpressure of 10 atmospheresfor 60 minutes.

The results revealed that 20 of the study species were classified easy, I 2 species were moderate, 5 species were difficult, and the remaining 4 species were very difficult.  Wood species within the class could be treated simultaneously. Results also indicated that there were great variations of chemical retention within the same class of penetration.


Keterawetan, proses sel penuh, retensi, penetrasi, CCB (tembaga-khrom-boron)


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