Autor(s): Siti Halimah Larekeng, Sukriati A Lamanda, Muhammad Restu
DOI: 10.59465/ijfr.2024.11.1.105-125


PHYSIOLOGICAL  ACTIVITY  ANALYSIS  AND  GROWTH  OF  EBONY  SEEDLINGS  (Diospyros celebica Bakh) ON VARIOUS BIOFERTILIZER COMBINATIONS. Ebony is one of  slow-growing spe- cies), that of  suspected to be the triggering factors to prone to extinction. In addition, the nature of  ebony seeds is recalcitrant, so they cannot be stored for a long time. Other factors affecting seed germination are the degree of  maturity, size, and weight of  the seeds. Seeds harvested before the physiological maturity level would not have high viability and even could not germinate well due to the in-sufficient of  food reserves, and un-perfect embryo formatio. Bio-fertilizer is used to help accelerate the growth of  ebony. This study aims to analyze the combination of  bio fertilizers which would be giving a better effect on the physiological activity and growth of  ebony seedlings. Morphological and physiological variables measurement were used in this study. The research design used a Completely Randomized Design at a real level of  5%. If  the fingerprint results obtained have a real effect, then a further test of  the Duncan Multiple Range Test is carried out. Re- search results showed that seed coating treatment of  45% Penicillium microbial solution + seed coating) gave the best results in each variable of  both growth and physiology of  ebony seedlings, while in the treatment without seed coating, Sargassum microbial solution 30% indicates good results in each variable of  growth and physiology of  ebony seedlings. Treatment with the immersion of  seeds in microbes can produce a high percentage in each variable.


Viability, germinate, morphological, seed c

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