Jurnal Pemuliaan Tanaman Hutan

Jurnal Pemuliaan Tanaman Hutan (JPTH) is an open access and peer-reviewed journal published and imprinted by Center for Forest Biotechnology and Tree Improvement (CFBTI), Research, Development and Innovation Agency, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Republic of Indonesia and managed to be issued twice in every volume on June and December. The JPTH has been identified in crossref with a DOI number: 10.20886/jpth. The scope of journal focusing on bioscience encompasses: silviculture, seed, breeding, genetics, biotechnology, pest and disease, physiology, and genetic conservation.

The JPTH  was first published on September 1996 as Buletin Penelitian Pemuliaan Pohon (ISSN 1410-1165), changed on April 2003 (ISSN 1693-7147) to Jurnal Pemuliaan Tanaman hutan,  on April 2004 changed to Jurnal Penelitian Hutan Tanaman (ISSN 1829-6327) and last changed on 2007 to Jurnal Pemuliaan Tanaman Hutan (e-ISSN: 2527-8665, p-ISSN: 1693-7147). The JPTH has been accredited by the Indonesian Institute of Sciences since July 2009. The last accreditation by Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology was on December 2021 (accreditation number: 158/E/KPT/2021) which will be valid until Volume 17 Number 1, 2023.

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Vol 16, No 1 (2022): Jurnal Pemuliaan Tanaman Hutan

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Table of Contents

Tri Suwarni Wahyudiningsih, Noor Farid, Esna Dilli Novianto, Tia Noviantika
Abdurrani Muin, Diana Citra Dewi, Reine Suci Wulandari
Arniana Anwar, Iskandar Z Siregar, Ulfah Juniati Siregar, Laswi Irmayanti, Reyna Ashari
Fajar Lestari, Beny Rahmanto