Wesman Endom, Zakaria Basari, Ishak Sumantri


Loading  and unloading works are intermediary activities in the logging operation.  The logs after being felled/cut down in the forest will be of economic values when they cannot be brought to the inherent processing industrie. Light­weight and small­size logs favor manual work in their handling as  long  as  man power  is available. Heavy­weight and  large­size  logs, however,  necessitate an auxiliary heavy­duty equipment,  since the manual work is sometimes no longer effective for loading­related operation, e.g. hoisting, placing, regulating their position, etc. The unloading of such logs, conversely, turns out to be easier, but can pose a dangerous threat. Therefore, cautious care is necessary.

In dealing with loading/unloading problems as such particularly in plantation forest,  a special equipment that is simple in design has been devised, called as Exp­2000. The equipment, wich is powered by 11­HP's diesel engine, can also perform the skidding­operation.  The overall cost in devising the Exp­2000 's equipment  was Rp. 50,000,000. The trial test as performed on the equipment revealed the following results:                                                                     .

  1. The average loading and loading productivities were consecutively 9.54 m3 per hour and  13.18 m3 per hour.
  2. Cost of loading as well as unloading was Rp. 1.597,48 per m3.
  3. The average skidding productivity was 0.5053 with skidding cost at Rp 30,160 per m3.

The skidding cost might be reduced to Rp.  21,165 per  m3  and concurrently the productivity increased to 2.25 m3per hour,  if the more powerful diesel engine,  e.g.  25 HP were used.


Alat muat bongkar kayu, produktivitas, biaya


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