Jurnal Penelitian Hasil Hutan

Jurnal Penelitian Hasil Hutan (JPHH) History

Journal of Forest Products Research known as ‘Jurnal Penelitian Hasil Hutan‘ (JPHH) is a scientific publication in the field of anatomy, physical and mechanical, fiber technology, composite, bio deterioration and preservation of lignocellulose materials, forest products drying technology, wood sawing and machining, timber and non-timber forest products processing, chemical and forest product energy processing, forest engineering and harvesting of timber and non-timber forest products. The journal has been accredited by the Indonesian Institute of Sciences as Scientific Periodical Magazine with Certificate Number of 642/AU3/P2MI-LIPI/07/2015, valid from August 2015 to August 2018. The first volume was published in 1984 with four number in one volume.

This journal is published by the Forest Products Research and Development Center, Research, Development and Innovation Agency, The Ministry of Environment and Forestry. The center was formerly known as the Forestry Engineering and Forest Products Processing Research and Development Center, Forestry Research and Development Agency, The Ministry of Forestry. The publisher's name has changed since the amalgamation of the Ministry of Forestry with the Ministry of Environment into the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (Presidential Decree No. 16/2015). Thus, Forestry Engineering and Forest Products Processing Research and Development Center was transformed into the Forest Products Research and Development Center. The publisher logo has also changed customizing the logo of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

This journal was first published in 1984 as ‘Jurnal Penelitian Hasil Hutan’ with the ISSN 0216-4329. In 1996 the journal name changed into ‘Buletin Penelitian Hasil Hutan’ with the ISSN 0852-1638. In 2004, the journal transformed into ‘Jurnal Penelitian Hasil Hutan’ with the ISSN 0216-4329.


Open Access Policy

Jurnal Penelitian Hasil Hutan (JPHH, Journal of Forest Products Research) is an open access journal. This Journal does not charge any processing fees or shipping charges. All manuscripts submitted to JPHH under the open access publishing model. In this publishing model, all the papers are through a review process by reviewer and under control of editorial team. The manuscript will be published electronically and can be accessed on our website. Authors can also use the pdf of manuscript which has been published for non-commercial use on personal websites or institution’ sites. Users have the right to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full text of JPHH.

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Call For Papers


Editorial Board of the Journal of Forest Products Research invites author/s to submit manuscript online through Open Journal System (OJS) of Journal of Forest Products Research in the link http://ejournal.forda-mof.org/ejournal-litbang/index.php/JPHH. The journal represents innovative, high quality basic and applied research on the forest product topic. The forest product topics cover:

1. Anatomical properties of lignocellulosic materials
2. Physical and mechanical of lignocellulosic materials
3. Fiber technology of lignocellulosic materials
4. Composite board of lignocellulosic materials
5. Biodeterioration and preservation of lignocellulosic materials
6. Forest product’s drying technology
7. Wood sawing and machining
8. Wood and non-wood forest product’s processing
9. Chemical based and energy utilization of forest products
10. Wood science and forest products technology
11. Forest engineering
12. Wood and non-wood forest harvesting

Posted: 2016-05-18
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Vol 36, No 1 (2018): Jurnal Penelitian Hasil Hutan

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Dulsalam Dulsalam, Sukadaryati Sukadaryati, Yuniawati Yuniawati
Rohmah Pari, Abdurachman Abdurachman, Jasni Jasni, Titi Kalima
Gusmailina Gusmailina, Sri Komarayati, Heru Satrio Wibisono
Soenarno Soenarno, Satria Astana
Heru Satrio Wibisono, Jasni Jasni, Wa Ode Muliastuty Arsyad
Okti Rachmawati, Purwantiningsih Sugita, Adi Santoso