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Research on forest product in Indonesia has been done since 1931 when the Dutch colonial

established Bosbouw Proefstation voor het Boswezen or Forestry Research Station with a

domain covering biological, technological and economic aspects of forestry. In the early

independent period (1957) Bosbouw Proefstation was transformed into Forestry Research Institute, which included a Division of Forest Products. Over time, in 1972 Forestry Research Institute was reorganized into two separate institutes, namely Forest Research Institute and Forest Product Research Institute. The next change took place in 1980 when both research institutes became research stations within the Forestry Research and Devel opment Center under the Agri cul ture Research and Development Agency. When the Ministry of Forestry was established in 1983, Forestry Research and Development Center was upgraded into Forestry Research and Development Agency (FORDA), and the two research stations within it became Forest Research and Development Center (FRDC) and Forest Product Research and Development Center (FPRDC), respectively. Afterward, Forest Product Research

and Development Center experienced several changes, but its domain relatively remained

unchanged. The last change was in 2010 when the previous name, i.e. Research and Development Center for Forest Product Technology is changed into Center of Research and Development for Forestry Engineering and Forest Produc t Processing or simplified into Forestry Engineering and Forest Product Processing Center (FEFPProC). The site of the center has been the same since the Bosbouw Proefstation voor het Boswezen, namely at Gunung Batu Campus, Bogor.

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